Angry birds rio

The expensive form of Angry Wild birds Rio free ! With popular game play made famous by Crush the Castle, sling your creatures over the area to consider lower the entering aliens.

- Angry Wild birds Rio Video game may be the follow on in the awesome original free angry wild birds video game.

- Individuals poor angry wild birds are kidnapped inside a miracle city in a variety of cages and they’re in desperate necessity of your help! The angry wild birds are going through mistreatments and hunting in the pursuer completely, while they have to save their buddies Bul and Jewel,Arrived at save the trapped wild birds!

Angry Bird Penguin slice ice game part 2

Angry Bird Penguin Slice part 2 game is a superb new game that is a new undertake something such as Upset Wild birds. Slicing continues in most new Penguin Slice game summer time and sky mobile phone industry’s! Precisely cut the tower structures to resolve puzzles and eliminate the difficult penguins from realm of baby Eskimos! Part 2 is packed with new summer season figures, tougher puzzles and fun animations! Have some fun!

How you can play? angry Bird Penguin Slice part 2 game

- ?Make use of your Mouse. Left click & hold to produce a slice line. Release to help make the slice.

- Figures die if something falls in it, when they fall over, or are hit in the sides.

- Earn STARS by utilizing less slices . the amount of slices left to gather 3,2,1 star.

- Collect Presents! for additional points.


Angry birds xmas

Throughout Christmas, the wild birds made the decision to gather gifts to children. You will find many levels to challenge you, you choose the right position of attack to acquire yet another gift. The greater gifts, the greater your score.

The Angry Wild birds are out for Christmas and they’re stealing themselves some Christmas presents! Launch them off and collect all individuals gifts

Angry birds meet Mario

Angry birds meet Mario within this physics games structure knocking adventure. Kill all of the Goombas.

Make Use Of Your MOUSE to goal your cannon and click on and hold LEFT Computer Mouse Button to construct energy of the shoot, release the button to fireplace. Attempt to collect just as much coins as you possibly can for bonuses.

Angry birds halloween

Angry Wild birds Halloween ?is really a super fun sling shot game, your career would be to slingshot the wild birds in to the Angry Wild birds?Halloween! Knock all of the boxes from the platforms to accomplish each stage! Be cautious though while you have only a couple of wild birds each round!

Instructions: Toplay farmville you’ll need your MOUSE

Cocks revenge

Cock’s Revenge is definitely an awesome physics based games castle demolition game like the insanely popular apple iphone game Angry Wild birds. Make use of a slingshot to produce wild birds at individuals naughty pigs and obtain structures to break down in it.


Angry rocket birds 2

This version provides you with more challenge. The valuable eggs of the bird was stolen. He really got angry and that he vowed to obtain all of them back. She got a rocket to assist him. Do you consider he is able to collect all of the lost eggs?